Granny’s Depression Era hacks to look good, eat well and thrive in the 2020's economic misery.

The International Monetary Fund has warned us to brace for the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Luckily, I had someone on the inside of that catastrophe who relished any opportunity to share the tips and tricks that got her and her family through. My Granny.

Eve Walsh turned…

Travel writing in the Covid-19 era may seem counter-intuitive, but it is important in maintaining a positive frame of mind and healthy optimism.

We think we’ve got it bad but consider those poor folks who lived through the Great Depression of the 1930s. Between 1929 and 1933 the US unemployment rate jumped from 3.2% to 25%. There was little government intervention to help people until FDR’s New Deal. Millions of people were made…

Witnessing Covid-19 at the two ends of the South African spectrum

South Africa has just begun a 21-day lock down. It is a desperate bid to halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus before it reaches areas of poverty, overcrowding and vulnerability. However, prevention may not be better than the cure in this country of extremes.

It is well documented that…

It’s not as outlandish as it sounds.

Why not engineer your life to create the adventure you crave?

According to various studies in USA, UK and Australia we will change our career several times over our working life. These studies from Linkedin, Investec and ABS show that reinvention on a global scale is the new work order.

First, they bought the resort. Now they’re mining the water. Next they want a granite mine. A cautionary tale of greed, stealth and colossal stupidity.

Australia has permitted a Chinese company the right to extract, bottle and sell nearly a million litres of water a year from a severely drought affected area, despite pleas from nearby farmers.

But this case goes deeper than the aquifer in question. It highlights how far governments have been willing…

Anastasia Tyler

A teacher, writer and traveller, but not necessarily in that order. Writing on life, both real and imagined.

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